The Chanel lego purse from the Spring 2013 collection

Debuted during the spring runway show, the new lego purse by chanel is already an hit before it’s actually available in stores. This new it-bag, inspired by the little lego stones founded in 1947, comes in four different colors. Green, pink, yellow & pink and a clear black and white version. A really cute design by Karl Lagerfeld, who is designer for Chanel since 1983 until now.

I guess or needs for authenticity and the good old times are now available in fashion design. So nice to see those well know goods turn in to new products, but still have the character of the old meaning.
For me this is a obvious effect of the bad economical times we have, we crave for the good old times
and how better then with this cute little bag.

We’ve all played with it when we were young, and now we have the opportunity to play with lego again,Chanel style.

For more information about Chanel and it’s latest it-bag, please visit

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In the first week of November, at the Dutch Design Week, Daan Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure presented their first “Smart Highway” prototype. Daan Roosegaarde is well known for his innovative vision on design and with this prototype he reminds us all why that is.

These roads will not only be the first “Smart Highway’s” in the Netherlands, but also in Europe. Their goal is to make the roads more sustainable and safe. This innovative concept is focusing on re-inventing the highway instead of the cars. Think about glow-in-the-dark-roads, dynamic paint and efficient energy use. The Highways are supposed to be realized around July 2013.

Again a perfect example of how innovative technology is used for the best. Why keep on trying to improve the cars when you also can improve the road? I can imagine, in the future, having a total safe and self-serving high way. Think about all the accidents that maybe can be swept out of their existents with this development. In my opinion the positive effects of these roads are unlimited. Less accidents means less medical expenses, effective use of energy can result in greener use of energy and I can go on and on. I’m really enthusiastic, what about you guys?

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Jaime Havon, a Valencia-based designer, has created 40 limited edition vases to celebrate the 40th birthday of Barcelona design; the vases are a part of the Showtime collection.

The pieces Jaime designed for Design Barcelona, the most prestigious design company in Barcelona, are hand painted one-of-a-kind vases. This limited edition is all about black and white; all the vases are identified with a numbering system of black strokes.

For Jaime is a big honor to develop this collection, not only because BD Barcelona design is the Spanish company with the highest international prestige in design, but primarily because they have worked with many great names like; juan gris and salvador dali.

I’m in love with his work, it’s really a combination between art, design and decoration. Really specially how he can transform a daily used object in to a magical piece of art. This proves again that not everything has to be new and innovative to be impressing.

If you want to know more about Jaime Havon just visit his website;

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Take one article of everyday use, a touch of innovation, a teaspoon of high tech gadgets and a tip of useful devices and you’ve got yourself the Garmin Fenix outdoor watch.

The Garmin Fenix is the first GPS navigator, altimeter, barometer and compass wristwatch to include Garmin GPS navigation. A really usefull device for the outdoor lovers and adventurer. It’s very easy in it’s use and can really safe lifes.

I really love how today’s endless possibilities regarding to technological innovation are used to make something meaningful. Something that is really an added value to people. We don’t need Iphones that can fly, or surround sound systems that make your breakfast in the morning. We really must just all those developments to make life easier, and make the world a better place.

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A posh clutch handcrafted from sustainably sourced African ostrich leg, coated with a metallic finish and adorned with studded accents.The shape of the bag is inspired by old-fashioned airplane wings from the 1940s and the metal studs referencing exposed rivets.

Farbod Barsum is a Los Angeles based design house that seeks to bring industry back to the U.S. by working with merchants and manufacturers from coast to coast. This gives them pride and furthermore control over the level of quality they offer.

Really special to see that such a classic brand turns in a totally different path. I think this is a effect, caused by the economical crisis. Also the luxury brands have a really difficult time, people have less money and also aren’t that fond of spending it too easy, so they are forced to join in the game of fashion trends.

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Amsterdam opened its first Hyatt Hotel
The Prinsengracht Amsterdam is the proud owner of the first Hyatt hotel in the Netherlands, the “Andaz Hotel Prinsengracht Amsterdam”. This exclusive luxury hotel has been open in the old public library of the city.

A stunning luxurious boutique hotel, that has over 122 rooms to welcome guests. The hotel is located in the center of Amsterdam, the Prinsengracht. The interior design is amazing and reflects the history of Amsterdam in a modern way. The most important trend they used for the hotel is sustainability, because it’s still a really big issue and the costumer’s expectation about that subject are high.

Besides the very stylish hotel rooms, Andaz has an exclusive Lounge bar, and a beautiful local cuisine restaurant. The Spa is completed with a steam bath and there is a very high tech fitness center. For business occasion the hotel has three boardrooms and a studio.

This stunning project is a co-operation between Paul Geertman and Marcel Wanders, the top men of Aedes Real Estate and Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Together they created this amazing all-round concept. The perfect combination between leisure and business.

One thing that makes this hotel extra special is the fact that is also an exhibition space for over more then 40 video works of national and international video artist. Great names like Yael Bartana, Erwin Olaf, Meiro Koizumi, Ryan Gander and Mark Titchner are to be admired. In each hotel room and the rest of the building you can view complete collections of the different artists, which are broadcasted on a special video channel. With this special art project, the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is the first hotel in the whole wide world that experiments with video art, which makes this hotel extra special.

“inspiring experiences begin at the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht”

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Imagine, you are a flashy and cool businessman on the go, who has a big presentation in about 5 minutes. Fresh from the plane, you arrive at a company’s office with your even flashier presentation. You asked for some high-tech presentation device because you have the most amazing visuals to go with your little sales chat. When you arrive you don’t see anything that even looks like a projector… !!

Not a problem for the independent and prepared businessman from nowadays. Because; if you are that businessman, you would never leave the house without the Tumi Portable Projector Kit. Compact enough to fit in your pocket and high quality to impress with your stunning presentation. All you need is a white wall and just get that party started. Simple design, great solutions.

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